Financial Planning for an Unexpected Event

DivorceSometimes the unexpected happens, causing our plans to change quickly. At Avalon, our financial planners are here to:

  • Provide peace of mind regarding your financial situation so you can concentrate on the things most important to you.
  • Raise your awareness regarding key aspects of your new financial situation but allow you to delegate the details to us.
  • Introduce you to new advisors (if needed) to create a team working for you.


Our Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CFDA™) can help you gain confidence and awareness about your new situation. Whether you are already divorced, in the middle of the divorce proceedings, or are merely contemplating taking the next step, we can provide clarity how this event may affect your financial future.


The death of a loved one is often traumatic and difficult and you may find yourself uncertain in your new situation. Our goal is to help our clients feel secure and understand how their finances might change.

Working with You

The specific details of these situations differ from person to person.  We sit down with each of our clients to evaluate their individual circumstances and needs.  We will help you with whatever you need in these times of transition and beyond.