The Avalon Advantage

In order to construct a secure financial future for our clients, the fee only advisor team  at Avalon will:

  • Act as a fiduciary, making recommendations in your best interest.
  • Provide comprehensive, unbiased advice.
  • Be a fee only advisor. The only form of compensation we receive is the flat fee paid directly from our clients.
  • Create a financial program customized to meet your goals and objectives.

Our goal for each client is to:

  • Create a financial blueprint.
  • Implement and coordinate the recommendations.
  • Maintain and adapt the financial blueprint to meet the client’s changing needs.

The fee only advisors at Avalon are committed to:

  • Building relationships with clients.
  • Providing the highest quality of service to our clients.
  • Tailoring services to each client’s individual needs.
  • Meeting at the location and time most convenient to the client.
  • Working as a team, respectful of the experience and talents of other professional advisors.
  • Offering a custom solution to each client.
  • Pricing our services fairly.

What is a Fee Only Advisor?

Avalon is proud to be a fee only financial planning firm which means the only compensation we receive is the client’s annual flat fee.

Being fee only means that we:

  • Determine a flat fee at the beginning of our relationship.
  • Have fewer inherent conflicts of interest; we do not sell any products.
  • Provide comprehensive, unbiased advice.
  • Act as a fiduciary making recommendations in the client’s best interest.

Your financial program is tailored to fit your goals and objectives, not designed with sales commissions in mind.