Practical and Smart Investment Advisory

Investment advisory service

At Avalon Wealth Advisory, the investment recommendations we make for steering your financial future are guided by our core beliefs and industry experience. Our core beliefs include:

  • Broad market diversification
  • An appropriate balance of risk and return
  • Low cost investment solutions
  • Tax efficiency

We combine these beliefs with academic and institutional research to create personalized recommendations for your portfolio.

To support these recommendations we have access to a breadth of global equity, fixed-income, and other investments we can use to build a comprehensive investment portfolio for you and your family. We will discuss our recommendations prior to implementing any changes to your portfolio.

These guiding beliefs influence our investment services in two key ways – our investment philosophy and our investment process.

Our Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is summarized by the following principles:

  • We take a long-term investment approach and avoid chasing short-term trends.
  • We utilize institutional research to create an asset allocation and help you achieve your goals.
  • We believe internal analysis is key to managing risk and achieving wealth preservation and asset appreciation.

Our Investment Process

Our investment process is summarized by the following principles:

  • We take time to learn about your investment experience and to understand your needs and objectives.
  • After truly understanding your unique situation we will prepare your tailored investment solution.
  • With your approval, we implement those solutions to build your customized investment portfolio.
  • We monitor your portfolio to ensure it continues to provide a risk/return profile appropriate for your unique circumstances and will provide investment performance periodically.

Maximizing Your Tax Efficiency

It is important to consider the implication of taxes on your portfolio.  Our strategy for maximizing your tax efficiency is guided by these realities:

  • Tax law changes affect how you can best generate retirement income and plan for estate transitions.
  • We keep abreast of the changes in the tax code and help you modify your investment strategies accordingly along with your CPA.
  • Tax efficient strategies should be part of any sound investment plan. Some taxes can be deferred; others can be managed through tax-efficient investing and timing of income and deductions.
  • With careful proactive planning, we can efficiently manage the impact of taxes on your portfolio.

We will discuss with you the tax saving strategies and their implications on your financial plan and investments. We will work closely with your tax professional to provide an overview of what strategies we recommend and all relevant data for tax preparation.