Wealth Management Philosophies that Benefit You

Equity Investment Philosophy

Our equity investment philosophy is straight forward. We focus investment recommendations in two core areas: mutual funds or exchange-traded funds (ETFs). We do this to capture general market performance.

  • Being long-term investors, we do not give much consideration to short-term market trends.
  • We use an aggregate of third-party analysis to narrow our list of potential investments.
  • With this information, we do our own analysis to select those securities which are the best fit.
  • We believe this philosophy is key to achieving capital preservation, managing market risk, and growing assets.

Fixed-Income Investment Philosophy

To us, fixed-income investments should:

  • Put portfolio safety first.
  • Limit risk and optimize yield by using individual bonds.
  • Provide clients with ongoing income while reducing credit risk and controlling the timing of interest payments.
  • Consist of municipal bonds and higher-quality corporate bonds, as well as FDIC-insured certificates of deposit.

While this information is highly general and provides an overall guiding philosophy. In the end, the only philosophy that matters is the one that helps our clients achieve their goals. We will listen to you and create the portfolio required to help you meet your objectives.