Business Strategy, Transition, and Exit Planning

If you’re the owner of a successful business, you want it to thrive even after your retirement. Therefore, a carefully planned exit from the business is essential for your company to continue with minimal disruption.

Business Transition Planning with Avalon Wealth

When you choose us to assist you with business succession planning, we start the process by gaining an understanding of your company and your long-term goals. From there, we work with you to discuss various exit strategies for both you and the company.

Choosing the right succession plan starts by weighing your possible options. You want your exit strategy to support your business’s continued success but also to align with your personal financial goals.

Our advisors will help you see the projected long-term impacts of each potential strategy. We’ll look at how each option can affect your present and future cash flow, retirement plans, net worth, and current and future taxes.

Having an accurate valuation is a must before selling or otherwise transferring ownership of your business. If you’re planning to put your business on the market, a higher valuation can have a significant impact on the sale price.

If you want to maximize your business’s value before selling, Avalon Wealth has access to resources that can help.

A death, divorce, disability, or other unplanned business exit can cause significant disruptions. In conjunction with your legal team, our advisors can help you design or update agreements for shareholders or owners.

We have a trusted network of legal advisors that specialize in various areas forming, operating, and selling a business. We can bring in a team tailored to your needs to help discuss strategy and execute agreed-upon action items.

Driving Your Business Forward

Our approach to business strategy, transition, and exit planning at Avalon Wealth is centered around you. Our fiduciary financial advisors work to deliver independent advice while cultivating lasting relationships hinged on trust, transparency, and a common vision of success.

Discover the Avalon Wealth Difference

At Avalon Wealth, we offer financial planning for every stage of life. Whether you’ve just sold your business, are planning to start a family, or are nearing retirement age, we can help you reach your financial goals.

If you want to learn more about investment planning or just want to see if we’re a good fit for you, contact us to schedule a complimentary meeting.